I  welcome you to the site of Glorious Vision Dance Drama Ministry a.k.a: Swagger Papa; a group of young talented people involved in an inspiring and evangelical modern dance drama for the widespread of the gospel in this end time. 

    However, we are not out to condemn any ministry, religion or denomination. We are Ministers of the Kingdom of Heaven and we preach the gospel for the salvation of souls through the medium of Evangelical Dance Drama.

    Rest your ribs as we take you into another Dynamic and Creative realm Of Dance Drama. On Behalf of all the entire crew of Swagger Papa once again, we say ..... U ARE WELCOME................. Zhubiri Zhubere okay now... Ah! Ah!!

                                                                    Adeyemi Akanmu Iyebiye...................

*******COMING SOON*******

ETAN (Deceit)


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